The Glass Room Experience IoT Hosting Feedback

After hosting your own Glass Room Experience Internet of Things (IoT) edition, we would love to get your feedback. This feedback helps us adjust and improve the exhibition.

There are 17 questions in this survey.

Basic Information

Your name and organisation


The event, location, and city in which the IoT exhibition was held

Dates the IoT exhibition was held

Hosting the IoT exhibit

Please briefly describe the event in which the IoT exhibition was held

Please briefly describe your experience of setting up the exhibition

Describe your overall impressions of the exhibition. Did it go well? Did you have any problems? What was the general response from people?

How many people do you think saw the exhibition? A rough estimate is fine.

Did you have Data Detox Kits? If so, how many were taken?

What kinds of people visited the exhibition? (young people, families, activists, journalists etc..)

Were any parts of the exhibition and materials especially popular? 


In your opinion, what didn’t work so well?

Did you have any memorable conversations? We would love to hear of any anecdotes.

Do you have any suggestions for improving the exhibition in the future?

Did you see indications from visitors that they would learn more about, or take steps to, improve their data privacy?

Would you consider hosting another Experience? Would you recommend it to someone else?

Please paste below any links to publications, press and photos (perhaps a link to a cloud folder) of the IoT exhibition you held.