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Call for partnerships: Enhance our research on The Influence Industry

Tactical Tech’s Influence Industry project is seeking partners to enhance and co-develop The Influence Industry Explorer – an open-data tool for investigators, journalists and researchers providing information about more than 500 companies involved in political influence and election campaigns.

The main goal of these partnerships is to enhance the data in the database and tell stories using the data. We would like to work with individuals or organisations who can help investigate and research case studies on these companies and their role in elections around the world.

There are 10 questions in this survey.
What is your name?
What is your email address or the email address of your organisation?
Are you a freelancer or representing an organisation? If you are representing an organisation, which one?
In which country, region, or timezone, are you conducting your work?
If possible, please share a link to your organisation's website and/or social media pages or if you are a freelancer to samples of your work
Please give a short description of your, or your organisation's, previous work
Describe your idea for the case study or research for this project, including any existing resources you will rely on to begin the investigation (250 words)
Please provide a brief outline of the steps you will take to conduct the work (100-250 words)
Do you have any concerns or risks regarding undertaking the work? 
Tactical Tech can offer up to 1000 Eur per partnership depending on the level of research - would you like to be supported financially?