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Feedback Survey - ETI Investigative Institute 2021

Hello! Thank you for attending the "Exposing the Invisible" Investigative Institute on 25 January - 12 February 2021!

Please fill out this feedback survey to tell us more about your experience and to share suggestions that can help us improve our events and overall collaboration and facilitation. Your feedback is anonymous but feel free to contact us directly ( ; should you have more direct feedback to share or any questions to ask.

Thank you!


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Overall Impressions
(This question is mandatory)

On a scale of 1 to 5, how did the institute meet your expectations?

(Where 1 is "expectations not met at all" - 3 is "met my expectations" - 5 is "exceeded my expectations")


Please name two moments / events from the institute that were most valuable to you.
To what extent did you feel you made new connections that will have a meaningful impact on your work? We would love to hear more about that.
Are there any negative moments or aspects of the event that you would like to highlight?
(Your feedback here is essential as it will help us improve our approach as well as the participants' experiences.)
(This question is mandatory)

On a scale of 1 to 5, how adequate was the duration and time of the Investigative Institute for the activities undertaken?

(Where 1 is "completely inadequate" and 5 is "very adequate".)

What worked and what didn't work with the scheduling of the event's sessions?
(This question is mandatory)
Would you like to contribute to upcoming events and production?
(This question is mandatory)
Would you like to get invites from us to attend upcoming events (webinars, institute sessions, workshops, etc.) by Tactical Tech / Exposing the Invisible?
(This question is mandatory)

How would you rate the online meeting software, B3?

(Where 1 is "very dissatisfactory", 5 is "very satisfactory")

(This question is mandatory)

How did you find the online collaboration software, Nextcloud?

(On a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is "not satisfactory at all" and 5 is "very satisfactory".)

If we (Exposing the Invisible) were to work towards a permanent "Institute" where investigators could regularly meet (online or offline) to share skills and to network, what would be your main needs and concrete expectations that such an initiative could help with?


Any other feedback you wish to share with us?